Acoustical Resonator Rubber 2mm

Acoustical Resonator Rubber 2mm

Eternity Flooring

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Enhancer Acoustical Resonator Rubber 2mm - for EcoEngineered, Hybrid Carbon8 Composite, SPC, WPC, Engineered, & Laminate Floors with or without pre-attached padding

Color: Green & Silver
Type: Acoustical & Vapor Barrier

Construction: High Density Vulcanized Rubber & 0.04mm Foil Vapor Barrier

Coverage: Approximately 100sqft / roll
Thickness: 2mm

Weight per Roll: 36 lbs.

Subfloor Compatibility: All Types
Floor Compatibility: Eco-Engineered Composite, SPC, WPC, Laminate, Engineered Hardwood with or without pad attached

Installation Method: Floating
Recommended Usage: Residential & Light Commercial

STC (Sound Transmission Class): 82
IIC (Impact Insulation Class): 78
"R" Value: 3.19(ft2-f-hr/btu-in)

Nominal Roll Width: 8in.
Nominal Roll Height: 40in.

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